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Maximizing Compensation For Accident Victims

Life changes in a split second when a car or truck accident occurs. The aftermath of the collision goes beyond vehicle damage and bodily injury. The emotional effects of the impact cannot be diminished.

While medical care is vital, legal representation is equally important. Personal injury claims involving motor vehicle crashes are not something to handle without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Trucking Accidents

A Skilled Lawyer Can Overcome The Obstacles Following An Accident

From the moment you retain Kenny Metzger, he will work hard to get to the facts of your case. Negligence can take many forms. A drunk or distracted driver behind the wheel. A train operator or truck driver who is sleep-deprived. A liquor store owner who knowingly sold alcohol to someone noticeably drunk.

At Metzger Law Firm, we will take the time to get to know you and the events surrounding your case. Following your first meeting, we will get to work, building your case based on the facts. Your job is to focus on recovering.

On your behalf, the founder of our Mobile law office will speak to your insurance company. Talking to an insurance company directly, making a statement, signing any paperwork or even tweeting about the traumatic event can undermine your case and minimize the compensation you will receive.

Personal injury lawyer Kenny Metzger can not only maximize your compensation, but also provide you the justice you need for negligent, life-changing acts.

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