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Taking On The Complexities Of Mass Torts

Personal injury claims are a prominent aspect of Kenny Metzger's legal practice. Motor vehicle accidents often involve representing individuals suffering injuries caused by negligence. In addition to those cases where one "David" fights a "Goliath-sized" insurer, he takes on complex cases where his clients can find strength in numbers.

A Lawyer Skilled In Taking On The Complexity Of Mass Torts

Mass torts involve a group of plaintiffs pursuing legal claims due to a product causing them harm. Individual lawsuits are combined into one legal action. However, specific injuries and losses suffered by each plaintiff are treated individually.

The founder of Metzger Law Firm has a background in class action claims that provides him much needed experience in mass torts. His specific class action experience involves fighting hospital liens filed against his fellow Alabama residents.

Mass torts involve a significant amount of paperwork that requires an attorney with broad-based experience combined with attention to every detail. In addition, the legal process can last several years based on the details of the claims.

Mass Torts

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Regardless of the size of a personal injury claim, foregoing legal representation ignores the challenges you face and only undermines your chances for success. Retain an attorney with skills, experience and legal knowledge. Call Metzger Law Firm at 251-298-8556 or contact us online.

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