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Kenny Metzger is a diligent and dedicated attorney who employs all of our firm's resources to even the odds accident victims face.

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Fighting To Get What You Deserve

If you have been injured due to negligence, you need a dedicated advocate who employs all resources to maximize your compensation. Equally as important, you need a skilled personal injury attorney who will fight to get what you deserve.

Kenny Metzger, the founder of our law firm, is aggressive in his pursuit of justice for fellow Alabama residents. He takes his role in car and truck accident cases seriously. With energy, creativity and compassion, he fights to outwork his competition while staying focused on the best possible outcome.


Evening The Odds You Face Following An Accident

In the moments following an accident, important decisions must be made. Your first priority is to seek medical care. Concurrently, insurance adjusters waste little time in contacting you. Their goal is to secure a quick settlement, claiming to look out for your best interests. However, they are only interested in settling your claim for pennies on the dollar.

At Metzger Law Firm, we will speak to insurers while you focus on recovering from your injuries. From there, we will get to the facts and build a strong claim. While settlement is common in personal injury cases, Kenny Metzger does not shy away from trial. He thrives in the courtroom and will fight to secure every dollar that you are entitled to.

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From fender benders to mass torts, proactive steps by a skilled personal injury lawyer are paramount. Schedule a free initial consultation at Metzger Law Firm today. Call 251-298-8556 or send us an email.